Nuance BG AD

With over ninety years experience of serving travellers, the Nuance Group is one of the world's leading travel retailers,offering enjoyable and exciting shopping experience for the travelling customers. In 2013, the Nuance Group AG entered on the Bulgarian market, winning the concession for the special and duty-free shops, located on the new international passenger terminals in Varna Airport and Burgas Airport. The new stores are operated by Nuance BG AD, a joint-venture between the Nuance Group (50%) and Bulgarian Airways Group EAD (50%), presenting an ultra modern airport shopping experience, welcoming travellers with a true Bulgarian style.

The concession includes both core categories duty free and specialty shops dedicated to wide range of first class perfumes & cosmetics, liquor, tobacco, confectionary, local food&liquor, toys, sunglasses, leather goods & bags, and watches&jewellery.

Contact information:


Nuance building

Varna Airport

9000 Varna


phone: +359 52 573 740

fax: +359 52 573 748